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Mastery Mindset Performance Coaching

Master Your Mindset, Maximize Your Performance

Train your mindset like you train your muscles. Good performers  physically prepare, great performers physically and mentally prepare. Increase performance by using mental skills on purpose, with purpose.


Mastery Mindset, mental performance consulting is dedicated to enhancing personal growth and performance by utilizing a whole-person centered approach.


Our process emphasizes a collaborative relationship to create personalized mental skills training that increases overall performance.


We create a safe space to do the work, tap into your strengths, and increase your autonomy.

sport pscyhologist for cycling
sport psychologist water polo athletes



You to tap into your upper range of potential


Your perspective towards growth and mastery mindset


Your performance and life

Division 1 Baseball Coach

“There is an old cliche in baseball that the game is 90% mental.  If that is true, then why do teams fail to practice the mental side of the game?  We have been fortunate enough to have the skills of Elizabeth and Christa from Mastery Mindset work with our high school varsity baseball team the last two seasons.  The lessons these ladies were able to teach our players were invaluable to their maturation as players and helped them with preparation, visualization, being a good teammate, controlling their emotions, and dealing with failure.  I truly believe our players gained a competitive advantage over our opponents due to our deliberate work in the mental skills arena.”

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