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What is 
Sport and Performance Psychology?

Optimal performance involves more than reaching peak physical fitness. Potential is composed of both physical and mental abilities. Consider two athletes on the same team performing in a competitive environment. Although they are performing under similar conditions and have similar skill sets, their behavior will differ due to variations in personal factors (confidence, perceived pressure, self regulation, etc.) and coping skills. 


Sport and Performance Psychology focuses on providing performers the resources to perform in the upper range of their abilities, increase consistency, and enjoyment.


We work to evaluate performance, skill sets, and needs of performers to help develop tools reach their potential. We collaborate with performers to create personalized mental skills training programs for individuals/teams to foster great performance from training to moments that matter.

Areas of Specialty 

                        Imagery                                 Team Culture                      Motivation

                        Confidence                           Communication                  Mental Toughness

                        Emotional Regulation          Stress Management           Focus/Attention

                        Self Talk                                 Adversity                             Mastery Orientation

                        Routines                                Mindfulness                        Goal Setting

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