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Mental Toughness- surfing


Athlete Mindset- Climbing



What's Included:

  • One on One sessions with mental performance consultant (in person/virtual)

  • Increase Self Awaren​ess 

  • Align Intrinsic Motivation with Goals

  • Personalized Mental Skills Training Program

    • Create Goals Setting Plan

    • Mental Skills Toolkit Building

    • Pre-Performance and Competition Routines

  • Skills Assessment /Performance Review

Mental Performance team sessions



What's Included:

  • Team Sessions (In-Person/Virtual Sessions)

  • Skills Assessment

  • Team Culture & Commitment

  • Increase Team Cohesion

  • Leadership and Role Clarity

  • Communication and Trust Building

  • Curated Mental Skills Training Program

    • Mental Skills Toolkit Building

  • Performance Review

Mental Skills Training Workshops



What's Included:

  • Clinics tailored to specific topics included but not limited to: 

    • Team Building​

    • Effective Team Culture

    • Burnout Prevention

    • Adversity

    • Leadership Development

    • Mastery Process

    • Increasing Fulfilment ​​

  • Evidence-based practices and content 



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